Phone: (423) 928-2752
Fax: (423) 928-3680

Questions regarding the process and how to get services started, please contact the Executive Director at (423) 928-2752 ext. 12 or Case Management Coordinator (423) 928-2752 ext. 16.

Admissions and Enrollment
All applications for supports offered by Core Services must be submitted through the Regional Office for Northeast Tennessee is located at 207 Boone Street, Johnson City, Tennessee, 37601, by an intake worker. The phone number to the Regional Office in Johnson City is (423) 434-6535 or (423) 434-6533 for an initial application for services.

Core Services applies to the principal of non-discrimination regarding all applicants for services. Individuals may not be excluded on the grounds of race, color, age, disability, gender or national origin for any services offered by Core Services.

Denial of Services
Due to the unavailability of funding on the part of the State of Tennessee that Core Services would be denied approval for services requested, or denial may be made by Core Services as to our inability to provide the necessary supports, or our concern that we may not be capable of meeting the needs of the applicant.